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About WayWiser

Experts in community building, from the ground up.

Did you know that job-hopping is the new normal? Today, the majority of adults – 87% of Millennials, 82% of others – choose to leave their jobs as opposed to being let go. Not only that, 91% of Millennials expect to stay in a job for less than three years. This means companies are paying hundreds of dollars to recruit a new staff member that, chances are, they won’t be able to keep long enough to get their return on investment.

Universities also stand a lot to gain from building community and culture. In the U.S., just half of students participate in extracurricular activities. Imagine if we could get that number to 100% – that’s hundreds of thousands of students with fewer absences, greater academic achievement, and higher aspirations for continuing education beyond high school.

WayWiser’s mission is to help organisations create great company culture, facilitate team building and cultivating interpersonal relationships among employees and students. We believe you don’t need Google or Harvard’s budget to create great culture and promote health and wellness among employees and students, making them feel valued, boosting productivity, and promoting teamwork – win, win, win.

At heart, we’re community builders. We are deeply passionate about helping people build meaningful connections and giving them the tools to not only learn about what’s good for them, but to create lasting healthy routines that help reduce workplace or academic stress and anxiety. We understand that each organisation is different, and requires a personalised, customised approach to building their culture and health programmes. To help organisations measure success, we provide data and analytics about engagement, as well as deeper insights into employee health and happiness.

We’re here to make great culture easier to attain, to improve employee retention rates and academic success rates by increasing people’s happiness and health, all the while relieving the burden of managing and tracking multiple wellness programmes.

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The WayWiser Team

Brittany Jordt – Cofounder and CEO

Brittany moved to New Zealand several years ago, and was frustrated to discover that even after securing a full-time job at large, reputable corporation she still didn’t have a good way to meet other people who shared her hobbies. Neither the company Intranet or messaging system made it easier to find out which of her colleagues had similar interests. There just didn’t seem to be a good way to meet people outside of Friday drinks…which is why she co-founded WayWiser!

Brittany brings a passion for trail running, a gift for sales and a propensity for people skills to WayWiser as well as 6 years of Journalism and Marketing experience. Brittany dedicated several years to freelance writing, travelling and volunteer work in Central America and Southeast Asia before trading in her backpack for a comfy flat and an adorable mini schnauzer named Scout. Her running shoes are never far from the door.

Education: Brittany holds a B.A. in English (Honors) and Theatre (Performance) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dan Lawler – Cofounder and CTO

These days, Dan spends his outdoors free time hugging and massaging rocks, colloquially called rock climbing. Many scholars debate why he and his cohorts do this. No one really knows the answer, yet.

During his daylight hours, Dan and Rick (the WayWiser server) help keep the behind-the-scenes technical aspects of WayWiser from falling apart. Dan has a background in controls and software engineering. Prior to co-founding WayWiser, Dan held engineering roles working throughout the States, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand.

Education: Dan holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Colin Frater – Cofounder and COO

Colin came to New Zealand with a unwavering love of cycling, particularly mountain biking, but soon found his favorite activity headed for the back burner when he found there was no simple way to find the other people at his workplace who also rode. Now his best riding buddies are co-workers, but that’s 3 years later! He wanted a better system, and that’s part of the reason he co-founded WayWiser.

Colin is a mechanical engineer and has spent his post-university years designing and building machinery. First it was commercial fitness equipment, now he focuses on automated manufacturing machines. Colin brings his general ability to use numbers and his spreadsheeting experience to the table to keep WayWiser’s day to day operations in check. Of course there’s also the massive love of outdoors sports & recreation and the stoke of getting a brand new business off the ground!

Education: Colin holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Scout – CAC (Chief adventure canine)

Scout has been with WayWiser since the early days, when, as a wee pup, she was providing moral support to all the the founders as they burned the midnight oil to take WayWiser from dream to reality.

These days, she splits her time between hitting the trails with Brittany and Colin, napping, assisting anyone with leftovers in the communal kitchen, and dutifully raising the alarm when any strangers present themselves at the shared office which she has warmly dubbed her “home away from home.” Needless to say, Scout loves her job.